Sunday, March 20, 2011

New post finally, final portfolio for school

These are my final portfolio submissions for drawing 1.  some of the photos are from my phone so they're not the best...
2 Pt. Perspective.  This was done in the stairwell of the school, but i ended up having to 'wing' the last bits of it at home.  

Experimental charcoal drawing.  This was the first time ive worked in charcoal but i think it came out well

Gradient Scale.  Top is vine charcoal and bottom is compressed charcoal

Charcoal Stencil.  For this we had to cover the whole sheet in compressed charcoal and then use custom stencils to erase out shapes

Still Life #1.  This was the first still life, just Styrofoam spheres and boxes with a spotlight on it.  done in vine charcoal after toning the paper

Still Life #2. done in a combination of vine and compressed charcoal

Hand Study.  white and black conte on grey paper

Face Study.  white and red conte on grey paper


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  1. Awesome, I was happy to be able to teach you all you know about art!! :)