Sunday, February 27, 2011

Inspired by Angela Martin

Hey all, I was looking at Jay and Angela's new quilt "Summer Rain in Bali" and this is my interpretation of how it might look.  Sort of an Artist inspire Artist thing... Anyway, I sampled the color pallet straight from the quilt photo and used it for the painting.  Have a look at their quilt (well Angela's quilt), it's amazing!


  1. I would like summer rain in Bali. I would like winter rain in Bali. Beautiful!

  2. Drew, that is fantastic, really! I emailed Angela as soon as I saw this and she replied,

    "OMG! That's awesome! That's the feeling--totally. Very humbled that
    someone was inspired by something I did."

  3. I'd like to be in Bali too! I'm glad it captures the feeling!

  4. So beautiful--feels like i'm there!